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What is Corticyte Spray Cork 

The cork is mixed with water based acrylic resin that when applied to your home or building it acts as a thermal break making it more energy efficient, regardless of the outside temperature. Cork Spray maintains a constant inside temperature. CORTICYTE is a coating for buildings, eco sustainable product. 

Cork Spray is basically a wrap for the exterior of your building. 80% of CORTICYTE is cork, making the product eco-friendly.  It can be applied to the exterior or the interior of your building. It is breathable, waterproof, thermal insulation, anti-allergic, sound deadening layer. The water base acrylic resin in the product repels UV ray, which reduces the fade rate.  It has a fade rate of 1% per year compared to paints and stuccos which is 6-10% per year. In verified laboratory testing, cork remains between 32ºF and 86ºF when subjected to extreme temperatures! It's an environmentally friendly product, as cork is one of the best natural insulator. 






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Canadian ThermalCork Solution

Corticyte Cork Spray has excellent features of thermal insulation. We can provide your residential, commercial or industrial building projects with a thermal cork coating that will not only keep it safe but it will give a beautiful look to your property. It's waterproof, breathable, flexible, acoustical insulator and fire retardant coatings and they will adhere to nearly any surface. You won’t find better products or services like ours anywhere else on the market. Our Corticyte are not only eco-friendly, but they also pay for themselves, thanks to the energy savings and extended warranty they provide.

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