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Where Corticyte Spray Cork Can Be Used?

You can use Corticyte thermal spray cork on nearly any surface that you would treat with traditional paint. You can apply spray cork directly over all types of conventional house siding, stucco, steel, aluminium, bricks, stone, cement /concrete, and more . You can use it on exterior and interior walls or ceilings. 

Cortisyte cork texture also creates a nice anti-slip surface, making it perfect for decks, patios, and walkways. Cork doesn't get as hot to the touch as masonry and stone, making it ideal for pool decks. Corticyte product can be used as part of your floor reconstruction or refurbishment. Rather than demolishing and discarding old materials, we can apply sprayed cork product to make your flooring look like new.


Using Corticyte spray cork coating between floor joist means that it can absorb sound between levels in your house or commercial building, so there will be less noise coming from people walking on the upper levels of your building. Also useful for controlling the condensation that can come along with cold floors.

You can also use Corticyte spray cork in interior wall cavities to seal air gaps as an alternative to spray foam but without building depth. Unlike closed cell spray foam, it is breathable and allows vapor to move through it, letting the wall assembly dry out. This application would be sprayed into an uninsulated wall cavity to seal gaps and air leakage points before installing insulation in the wall cavity. This application method could also protect wooden walls from mold and rot by acting as a protective sealant over the wood.

Corticyte spray cork can also be applied directly to metal or shingle roofing this way when the summer time comes you can keep the attic temperature way below average. One of the biggest and most important investments of your residential, or commercial structure, is your roof. Never worry about hail, or wind damage again. Corticyte Spray extremely lightweight, so it can be added to the roof without any structural concerns, and it provides a smooth, seamless finish. It reduces the risk of damage associated with temperature fluctuations, and helps to reduce heat transfer. With the Corticyte cork spray, you can significantly reduce energy loss, making your property more energy efficient and saving you money on energy bills. 





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