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The choice of cork as a material for thermal insulation was made essentially based on its properties, in fact, cork, in contrast to other construction materials, is preferred when it comes to insulation because it is breathable, waterproof, imperceptible, it does not age, it is constant over time in its insulating properties.

It is also known that a good part of the heat produced by the heating of a house, is dispersed due to the presence of structural elements that are made with traditional materials, such as wood and concrete, which are good thermal conductors. Cork, in turn, eliminates, or at least considerably reduces, these problems by trying to retain heat in cold weather and then, by having a good economy in heating, rejecting and keeping heat out of the house on hot days.

Corticyte® is also an excellent acoustic insulation, which improves the quality of life inside the houses and the good conditions of peace required for any type of business, such as office spaces, hotels or restaurants.


Corticyte® constitutes a true revolution in the field of construction and industry, as with the application with damp and cold walls, it absorbs moisture, filters it and evaporates it, without deterioration, thus initiating a natural purification process and cleaning, increasing the filtration and evaporation of moisture from the wall. It can be used in saunas, showers, swimming pools, cellars and other places with little ventilation and lots of condensation.


We all know how difficult and costly it was to replace all asbestos covers, in accordance with current regulations, to protect the health of all of us. Asbestos encapsulation with Corticyte® is a simple, quick and long-lasting solution.


Corticyte® is an organic product, it does not lose properties over time. It allows energy savings (up to 35%), contains no solvents and is non-toxic. Corticyte® is already an environmentally friendly product due to its energy efficiency promotion properties, but not only that, it has a huge range of properties that make it a true «green» product.

Corticyte is extremely resistant to harsh conditions.


Our product not only lowers utility bills, but it also adds consistent texture and color making your home beautiful.


When the Corticyte® cork is applied to the surface of your project it creates a thermal barrier that keeps the outside elements outside. This leads to lower utility bills month after month summer and winter.


After the Corticyte® cork is applied on your home or building will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is a natural thermal barrier that greatly reduces heat or cold from penetrating into your home. It also helps to reduce energy loss, so your building will be more efficient and stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Corticyte® sprayed cork is the cladding material of choice for homeowners who are interested in preventing mold growth. Cork is naturally antimicrobial and mold-resistant, in part because it is water-resistant. Since cork repels moisture and prevents high humidity levels, it naturally discourages the growth of mold and mildew. 


Corticyte® is a naturally fire retardant material that will not release incandescent particles nor will the flames propagate.

It slows or stops the spread of fire or reduces its intensity. In verified laboratory testing, cork remains between 32ºF and 86ºF when subjected to extreme temperatures!


Sound can be reduced by eight to 12 decibels with Corticyte® coating on a single wall, and double that when it is used on multiple walls. With cork spray you are able to reduce the noise and echo , make your home or buildings more quieter. It can be used in apartment complexes to provide soundproofing in between units, and it can dampen sound from upper levels to lower levels.


Fades slowly (1%/year)


Excellent for covering cracks. Unlike stucco and paint will not chip or crack.


Corticyte® is a waterproof material. Cork spray is excellent for sealing roofs and outdoor spaces. Since it will adhere to anything you can spray it directly onto the roofing materials of your building, even shingles. Preventing or fixing leaks.


Our Process

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So what is cork and where does it come from? 

 A finished cork is made from the bark of a particular species of oak tree, Quercus Suber. You could say this species of oak tree is cousins with the types of oak trees that are used for cork spray. Quercus Suber grows in a limited climate zone, and for various reasons (civil war in Spain and economic instability in Algeria) Portugal has come to dominate the modern production of cork. The country is home to about half the world’s commercial cork-producing oak trees, spread out over more than 1.6 million acres of forest.

In a 1.6 million acre forest of cork trees there’s bound to be some variation among the trees, but there’s one tree that really stands out, and its name is The Whistler Tree. To put The Whistler Tree in perspective, let’s take a look at a typical cork tree:

  • A cork tree is typically harvested for the first time when it turns 25 years old.

  • It can subsequently be harvested every 9 to 12 years (9 is the minimum under current Portuguese law).

  • A cork tree’s average life expectancy is about 200 years.

  • When a typical cork tree is harvested it will yield around 100 pounds of bark, enough corks for about 4,000 bottles. This number can vary quite a bit over a tree’s long life.


The 1991 harvest is the most famous, and the largest on record:

  • 2,645.55 pounds of bark were pulled from the tree.

  • That record haul of bark yielded well over 100,000 individual corks.

Some quick math will tell you that this harvest alone was responsible for more corks than some trees produce in their entire 200-year lives. The Whistler Tree’s harvest was a bit more modest in 2000, but seeing as the tree’s been harvested regularly since 1820, it’s estimated that by the time its bark is removed for the last time it will have yielded the raw material that went into more than 1 million corks.

We are proud to be 


We are committed to providing customers with energy efficient options allowing them to experience multiple benefits including reducing costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency making their building as efficient as possible. When energy consumption is cut, buildings become more efficient and owners save money. 


Our Quality Guarantee

We have always delivered consistent quality to all our projects, from small to large and we fully stand behind all our work.

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