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Durable and Ecological Coating, Anti-condensation, Elasticity and Flexibility, Excellent for Covering Cracks, Super Adhesive, Thermal Performance, Fire Resistant, Water Repellent, Tile Encapsulation, Acoustic and Antiallergic Corrector.

Each 15 kg / 3.96 gallon pail covers 7m2 / 75 sq. ft. at 3-4mm thickness.

22 Color option but custom colors are available.

This product ships to Canada and the U.S.


Please contact for pricing information.

Cortiscyte spray cork

  • Corticyte is an Acoustic Thermal insulation and coating. Waterproof aqueous for thermal and acoustic insulation based on cork.

    Corticyte is an excellent solution for waterproofing and protecting facades and roofs, whether plaster, concrete or tile, as
    It is 100% waterproof and water repellent.

    The choice of cork as a material for thermal insulation was essentially based on its properties.

    Cork, in contrast to other building materials, is preferred when it comes to insulation because it is breathable, waterproof, impervious.

    It does not age, it is constant over time in its insulating properties.

    For insulation and waterproofing of facades, terraces, roofs and other supports.

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